Starting with the basics – Ocean View

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The 2nd category for cabins is called an ocean view.  With these cabins you get a larger window allowing you to see a view of the ocean and plenty of sunlight.  There are 4 categories of an ocean view room:

Ocean View – This room sleeps up to 3 people and has the availability of connecting cabins.

Deluxe Ocean View (obstructed views) – This room sleeps up to 3 but also has obstructed views out the window.  There is not an option for connecting rooms.

Deluxe Ocean View – This cabin not only gives you the larger window but has a full bathroom plus a separate washroom.  This sleeps 5 people and has the connecting room option.The price for this room is $3535 which breaks down to $707 per person.

Cloud 9 Spa – Each Carnival ship has an area that is all about the spa treatments.  They also have rooms available in this area.  These rooms are located on the upper decks.  There are a few extra perks that you receive being in a spa cabin, like slippers. You can sleep up to 4 people but cannot have a connecting room. As a side note, Scott and I will be staying in a Cloud 9 Spa balcony cabin in 186 days.  I will let you know our thoughts after we return.

For 2 people the ocean view options range in price from $1498-$1578 or $749-$789 per person.  For 3 people the price range is $2097-$2177 or $699-$726 per person.

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