Starting with the basics – Interior Cabins

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After much thought I have decided that the first series of blog posts will be about the basics all cruisers should know.  This post will be all about interior cabins.  What categories there are, locations, and of course pricing.  The prices I will be using will be the current rates if we were to book today.  To confuse things even more, cause you know that’s what I like to do, I will be giving the price range for each type of cabin.  There are 15 decks (levels) to the ship so depending on where you want your room may cause a higher price.

Interior – Interior cabins are the most affordable of all.  Most of these rooms do not have windows.  You can sleep up to 4 people and there is the availability of getting connecting rooms.  Just like in hotels where there is a door to the room next to yours, Carnival also offers this option.

Interior Porthole – These interior rooms have round windows called portholes.  This allows for some natural light.  Porthole rooms sleep up to 3 people and also have the availability of getting a connecting room.

Interior Picture Window – These interior rooms offer a larger window allowing more natural light. The downside to this is the views are obstructed.  This means there is probably a lifeboat hanging right outside the window.  A picture window room allows for up to 4 people but does not have connecting rooms.

The prices for an interior for 2 people in the room range from $1198-$1318.  This makes it $599-$659 per person.  For 3 people in an interior room the prices range from $1887-$1967.  This is $629-$656 per person.  The reason for the higher price per person for 3 people is because there are not interior rooms available for that capacity in the lowest level cabins.

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