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Family Cruise December 2017

Yes it seems like a million days away so planning this early surely can’t be the thing to do.  Well, you would be wrong.  I’m a planner…it’s in my blood…I can’t help myself and must start the second I know we will be doing something.  Just to clarify, it’s not a million days away it’s just 559 days away.

Some of us will be seasoned cruisers, some have one under our belts, while others will be first timers.  No matter where you fit in this will be so much freaking fun!  I would like to use this platform to post valuable information, schedules, and a way for everyone to ask questions and get involved.  If there is something, even the smallest of question or concern, please ask away and someone (probably me) will get that answered.

The first questions might be and probably should be, what cruise are we going on and where will we be going?  If these are the tough questions then this planning thing will be a breeze.  Oh wait that’s the answer….Western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Breeze leaving Galveston, TX with stops in Mahogany Bay, Belize and Cozumel.



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