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That’s right, a dozen, yep 12 days until we unite in Houston!  So much going on between now and then.  The last minute to do list to get done, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kelsey, our 2nd Anniversary, New Years happenings, baby Allen’s 18th birthday, and of course work all make for 12 days of get it done.  Love it!!

Last blog I asked if anyone had suggestions on what we should do in Houston on our last night together.  Samantha came up with the idea of going to Dave & Buster’s.  It sounds like fun to us so we will put it on the yes list.

Aunt Jen and Uncle Michael were kind enough to loan us a booster seat for Uriah.  Thank you to Grandma (Nonna) for shipping that to us.  We will get it all belted in Kelsey’s car.  Kelsey is positive Uriah will want to ride with her on the way to Galveston 🙂

If anyone has anything they need or want please tell us A.S.A.P.  No last minute scrambling please and thank you.

On Sunday night before the cruise there will be a family meeting to go over a few surprises and not so surprise items.  I thought about doing it Monday morning but I think we should add as little to the get to the terminal process as possible.  In the bag of surprises everyone will find a t-shirt that was decorated especially for this cruise.  I have read that there are a lot of photo ops during the check-in process so I am asking everyone to wear their t-shirt to board on Monday.  I would really like to have a group picture of us with the ship looking excited and ready to board!  If you have a problem with this I request that you keep it to yourself cause I know you would hate to hurt my feelings.


For check-in please make sure you have your boarding pass (most of you will find it in your bag on Sunday night), passports, luggage tags on your bags (also found in your bag on Sunday), and cash to start your Sail ‘n Sign accounts.  I am told that the check-in process can be long so be prepared for a few hours of cruise terminal lines.  It is currently looking like our ship is less than 90% full so the lines may not take as long as what I have read.

Debarkation (leaving the ship on the last day):

Now I know it’s sad to think about the trip being over so I won’t dwell on the subject long.  I just wanted to let everyone know a few things about the process of checking out

There are two options ti disembark: 1. Self Assist.  You have to physically take all of your luggage without assistance from the staff.  Most people get off the ship faster that way. 2. Relaxed Debark.  With this option you have to leave your luggage outside your door by 8:00 the night before.  The next morning you go up to the terminal and your stuff is waiting for you.  Scott and I have decided to do option #2 because we are not rushing on our vacation.  If you chose to take option #1 please be patient waiting for us by the car.

On channel 17 in your stateroom the Cruise Director let’s you know everything about the last day and what needs to be done.  Please pay attention.

The other important item is this little thing called taxes.  Yes you must declare everything you purchase.  This means keep your receipts from the shops and vendors.  The night before leaving the ship everyone must fill out a Customs Declaration Form.  Once you receive your luggage you are to go to the Customs area with your sheet of paper and pay whatever taxes the form says.  Don’t lie and omit or lower the price on anything cause we will leave you to rot in the Galveston jail!  Just kidding, but seriously fill it out correctly.

One more blog to go before the cruise!  Don’t worry, I haven’t run out of things to talk about 🙂

It is very important that you have paid your Sail ‘n Sign account in full so make sure you have done that the night before.

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  1. Oh I’m sure Uriah will want to ride with Kelsey too! Next Friday we will be leaving on our way!! I’m so exited. Keegan has 6 work days and I have 7 1/2 🙂

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