Just Some Things to Know

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With us getting super close to vacation, 27 days, I thought I would talk about some random things.

First, I found out that the Cheers program that I previously blogged about has a change.  They are no longer charging for 5 days but rather 4 days.  So it’s $49.99 for 4 days plus 15 % gratuity.  Please remember that if one person over the age of 21 orders the Cheers program, every person over 21 in that cabin has to purchase it.

* If your stateroom does not have a Carnival robe in it then ask the room steward for one to use during the cruise.

* It’s a good idea to walk the whole ship the first day.  It will help you learn where everything is.  Ask the purser’s desk for a pocket size deck plan that you can carry.

* Make photocopies of your passport (information page), any credit cards you will be using (front & back), and airline tickets.  Then put them in the safe located in your room.  This way if anything gets lost at least you have copies.

* The safes in the rooms operate with a magnetic strip.  You can use anything with a magnetic strip on it (credit card, store discount cards, gift cards, etc.).  Instead of using your Sail ‘n Sign card because it tends to wear the strip down and then very difficult to use for anything.

* The last day at sea is a big sale day in the shops.

* You get a free deck of cards at the purser’s desk.

* You can see the menu for the dining room on your tv so you can see if you like the day’s selections.

* You can buy buckets of beer

* You can make your own drinks with the stuff they have on the Lido deck.  You can mix ice cream and hot chocolate together for a cool, creamy drink.  Or get crushed ice, coffee and ice cream for a coffee drink.

* If you have the souvenir glass you can order any frozen drink as a refill not just the drink of the day. They do charge you for the price of frozen drink but you get it in a bigger glass.

* US Customs dictates that you are allowed to bring back 1 liter of alcohol, 1 carton (200 pieces) of cigarettes, and 50 cigars duty free.

* There is an $800 per person of duty free merchandise allowed.

* Don’t forget that you can view your Sail ‘n Sign account on your tv.  Please keep track of what you are spending and do not go over the amount you have.

* The chocolate melting cake is served every day.

If you have any questions please ask.  Only 3 more blogs left before we are all together!

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