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Carnival Cruise Lines has photographers just about everywhere on the ship.  They take individual and group pictures of people doing just about everything.  There is also “photo opportunities” on certain decks each day, usually decks 3, 4, & 5.  During these times they have backdrops that you can choose from.  The photos are then posted in an area for purchase.  Here is a breakdown of the pricing:

Original Prints

Fun Shots

5 X 7

$11.99 each

Cruise Collectibles

Embarkation / Dining / Gangway

6 X 9

$14.99 each

Package: Buy 2, get 3rdfor $5.00

Pro Portraits

8 X 10

$23.99 each

Reproductions *

Reprint Value Sheets

2 – 5 X 7

1 – 6 X 9

1 – 8 X 10

1 – 5 X 7 + 4 wallet size

1 – CD

$9.99 per image

Canvas Wall Art


*Photos must be purchased in their original size before reproductions can be ordered.

  Offer not available for groups of 6 or more.

These pictures are posted the whole cruise so some suggestions are to look daily and see if there are any you just have to have right away, wait until the last day at sea and then you can see all of them and pick the ones you want the most, or a third option is to take a photo of the photos that are there.  You are not obligated to purchase any photos but knowing us, we will.

I found this article that a professional photographer 19snapshot typed up giving suggestions on taking the best pictures.

1. If you want to look wider (cause who wouldn’t…not!), pose with your shoulders flush to the lens. If you want to look slimmer a 45 degree angle is best.

2. A wider stance will make you appear shorter.  Feet together will make you appear taller.

3) Tilting your chin downward and pushing it forward slightly will help cast a shadow on any extra chins.

Lifting the chin slightly and/or drawing your chin in will light up and highlight any extra chins.

4) Tilting your chin downward and pushing your glasses up will help reduce glass glare. If that doesn’t

work, raise the arms of your glasses slightly above your ears (no one will the sides of your head in your

average portrait) to tilt the lens glass downward.

5) Tilting your chin downward slightly will open your eyes making them look larger.

6) Pushing your tongue to the roof of your mouth will draw up and momentarily hide extra chins. Some

find this hard to do while giving a natural looking smile.

7) Ladies that stand at a 45 degree angle to the camera, with their weight shifted to the leg in back and the

front leg slightly bent (think standing in line) will look slimmer. Bending the arm that is closer to the

camera so the hand rests near the hip will flatter the figure even more.

8) Ladies that let their arms hang down by their sides will look more square thus larger then they really are.

9) A slightly elevated camera angle will take a few years off of any face and slims the face as well. For

close-ups, try a sitting pose or find a tall photographer.

10) Straight fingers will give a lady the appearance of man-hands. Relaxed hands with fingers slightly

curved look most feminine.

11) Photographic lighting will reflect off of glitter/shimmer cosmetic products. This can create “digital

artifacts” (white dots) and can highlight any wrinkles and creases.

12) If you want to reduce the look of a buffet-stuffed-tummy, sit or stand tall, roll your shoulders back and

bend forward from your hips slightly (very slightly). Make sure you are not drawing your just shoulders

forward, as this will have the opposite effect.

13) Take a deep breath in and smile as you release it. That relaxes your face and decreases deep lines. It

also gives you a more natural looking smile.

From Photographergirl Try not to face the sun: squinty eyes and harsh shadows. If the sun is behind your

subject, turn on your flash (yes in the daytime). It will balance the light.

Standing in the shade of a tree or other object on a sunny day will also give you more vivid, natural colors.

Ladies:Standing with your arms -hands on hips or on a rail, etc.-will greatly reduce “bat-wing

Shooting from above a female subject makes her appear slightly smaller and more feminine.

Shooting from a slightly lower angle on a man makes him appear more powerful (not up the nose, please!).

On a final note, we only have 34 days!

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