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Tipping is a big deal or so it has been written everywhere I have researched about the cruise.  It has been suggested to bring several $1 or $5 bills for tipping cab drivers, porters, service people, and to have exact change when bartering at stores in port.

Here are some tipping etiquette (of course tip what you feel comfortable with):

The Porter – $1 per bag

Cabdriver – $1 per passanger

Shuttle Driver – $1 per bag

Room Service – $1 to $2 every time you order

Servers in the dining room – $10 to $20 for the full 5 day cruise

Serving Assistant – $5 to $10 for the full 5 day cruise

Room Steward – $20 for full 5 day cruise

Carnival automatically puts on your Sign ‘n Sail account $11.50 per day per person in your stateroom.  Yes, even little Uriah gets charged.  So let me break this down for you, 1 person on a five day cruise would be charged $57.50.  If you are in a stateroom with 2 people your cost would be $115.00 and 3 people in the stateroom is $172.50.  Look Samantha, I did all of the math for you!  If you are ok with paying that tip amount you need to make sure you have that amount of money in your account to cover it.  If you would like to adjust up or down depending on how well you were serviced (minds out of the gutter…Dad seriously stop laughing) you may do so before the day of disembarkment.

Since we all need to be budget minded I think this will be helpful in figuring out how much you want to set to the side for tipping.

Just a quick note…..49 days!!!!

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