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It must be getting close because it’s time to talk about packing.

We will need to know how many suitcases and carryons each person will be taking.  This will help in figuring out how to fit everyone’s luggage in two cars and we need to print luggage boarding tags for the ship check in.  Scott and I will print out the luggage tags and laminate them so they will be ready to be attached the morning we set sail.  Each person is allowed up to 2 bags not more than 50 lbs.  I don’t think we can fit that much luggage in the cars.

You are not allowed to bring an iron so any clothes that need ironing have to be done prior to cruising.  A good trick my Mom uses is to iron the clothes and then wrap them in tissue paper.  I also read online that placing ironed clothes into space bags helps.  You might also think about wrinkle release spray.  This is way more information on ironing than I ever wanted to know and I’m hoping to not have this information take up brain space the rest of my life 🙂

Now don’t stress out if you forget to pack something, the ship usually has everything you need for sale.  Certain items like toothpaste or soap can be given to you by your room steward, just ask.  A helpful hint is to bring a couple of ziplock bags to pack wet clothes in for your return trip home.  Also use ziplocks to pack liquids so if they spill in your bag your clothes will stay dry.  There are some things that I just don’t think i should have to mention to pack, you know, under garments, pj’s, socks, etc.

Swimsuits….it has been suggested that each guest bring more than one swimsuit.  This way one can dry from the previous day while you wear another.  I have mentioned in a couple of blogs that water shoes/aqua socks are recommended, especially on the beaches in Progreso and Cozumel.

It has also been suggested that a light sweater or jacket be brought because it tends to be cool in the evenings and also in the main dining room.

Don’t forget your hat and sunglasses!

There are hairdryers in the bathrooms of the staterooms.  There are also laundry rooms and a laundry service.  The laundry rooms cost $1.50 for wash and $1.50 for dry.  If you feel the need to do laundry make sure and bring laundry soap and dryer sheets and lots of quarters.  The laundry service has a price sheet in your stateroom “stack of mail.”

* A helpful hint is to pack a change of clothes, medication, and a swimsuit in a bag you will be carrying on.  It is several hours before your checked luggage is brought to your room.

Each guest over the age of 21 is allowed to bring 1 750ml bottle of wine or champagne.  Every guest is allowed to bring a case of bottled water or soft drinks.  We will need to bring a small hand truck to wheel it around cause we aren’t allowed into our rooms right away.

Don’t forget that the 1st Fun day at sea is Formal Night.  Make sure you dress appropriately.  Guys must wear dress pants or khakis, polo or button up shirt, ties are optional.  Women…look hot!  Don’t forget that in the dance club there is a wear white night.

Now get to packing………..

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