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Today’s blog posting will be about stuff.  You know stuff you will find interesting, informative, and stuff you just never thought to think about.

Fun Times Newsletter –

Fun Times newsletter is a daily on board newspaper delivered to your stateroom.  It includes information about opening hours of venues, restaurants, sales, give a ways, specials in the casino, spa services, lectures, games, show times, camp carnival, drink of the day specials, contact information and activities.  For port call details, the Fun Times includes information about port arrival and departure times as well as other important information about the port of call.  Finally, on disembarkation day (the last day of the cruise), it will feature information on the process of getting off the ship, and settling your shipboard account.

The Taste Bar-

Each day the taste bar gives you a preview of dishes being served in different restaurants on board.  Get a sample or “taste” of the dishes for free.  The bar can be found on the Promenade Deck between 5:30-8:00 pm.  You can also stop by and get a complimentary appetizer before dinner.  The last night there is a $5 taste bar drink special.

Cell Phones –

As you can imagine cell phone use on board can be quite expensive.  You will be on international roaming rates.  Make sure and check with your phone carrier before you use that cell phone.  Another idea would be to enjoy your vacation and turn those cell phones off….just a thought 🙂

Internet –

• 480 minutes for $159 USD
• 240 minutes for $89 USD
• 120 minutes for $59 USD
• 45 minutes for $29 USD
• Pay As You Go: $0.75/min

After reading several reviews it has been said that the internet is slow so if you plan on posting pictures to your Facebook a larger package would be necessary.  There is an internet cafe for you to use.  All charges will be put on your Sail & Sign card.  Scott and I will not be purchasing the internet package.

Postcards & Stamps –

At the purser’s desk you can get a free postcard that have a picture of the ship.  The purser’s desk also sells stamps of the different countries that we are going to.

* Please make sure and call your credit card companies or banks for debit cards to let them know you will be leaving the country.  They have been known to turn cards off.

Stateroom Hints –

There is room under the beds to store your luggage.

If you don’t use all of the hangers in the closet take them out or find something to hang on them.  You don’t want to be trying to sleep and the ship movement causing the hangers to bang around.

If you want your twin beds moved together to make a queen bed just let your steward know and they will make it happen.

If your bed is hard you can ask the steward for a foam pad and extra pillows.

As always if you have questions or would like me to research something for you please just let me know.


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