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Woohoo 100 days from today we will all meet up in Houston and then head south to Galveston for a weekend of beach house fun.  So here are some thoughts for Galveston and of course your thoughts are truly wanted and needed.

Scott, Gina, Kelsey, and DJ will be waiting at the airport in Houston for the 4:27 pm arrival from Alaska, 5:50 pm arrival from Amarillo, and 6:55 pm arrival from Colorado.  We will then load up in the cars: Car #1 will be Scott, Gina, Allen, Lucy & Dave. Car #2 will be Kelsey, DJ, Samantha, Keegan & Uriah.  The only one who may change the car seating arrangements is Uriah.  He can choose to ride with Grandpa or Kelsey. 

Saturday night will be a birthday celebration for our birthday boy, Scott!  Don’t worry there are lots of fun surprises in store.

Sunday will be the only full day we will have in Galveston.  We will have an Italian feast for dinner Sunday night made by Gina & Lucy…Yummers. Then Monday morning we will hit the ground running and get to the pier by 10:30 am.

I have checked the average temps for Galveston for January 12th and found that the beach might be a little cool for those of us without Alaska blood running through us, 60 degrees.  So there are a few things that might be fun for us to explore.

The Bolivar Ferry & Dolphin watch is a free ferry that runs 24 hrs a day.  From everything that I have read while taking the ferry ride, dolphins jump alongside the boat.  Love the thought of pictures with dolphins and totally digging the price…FREE!

The Moody Gardens seem to be the place for all tourists to visit.  Well guess what….we are tourists. I have found several coupons for The Moody Garden attractions.  If this is something everyone would like to do I will find the best deal.



Aquarium Pyramid: The towering blue pyramid – the largest of three – houses a diverse display of life from four distinct ocean environments. The chilly South Atlantic exhibit showcases five species of penguins and the North Pacific houses playful fur seals and Squirt, the famous blind sea lion. The South Pacific exhibit features beautiful coral reefs and an array of colorful fishes. The Caribbean, the largest exhibit in the Aquarium Pyramid®, has sharks, sea turtles, eels and thousands of beautiful tropical fish that swim overhead as you navigate through an underwater tunnel completely surrounded by the exhibit’s over one-million gallons of water.


The Aquarium Pyramid also offers guests the opportunity to interact with ocean life, including group educational opportunities in underwater classrooms, touch tanks and the chance to meet a penguin up close with the Penguin Encounter (Scott this one is for you, I know how much you like penguins).


Rainforest Pyramid: The 10-story glass pyramid is now open after a major enhancement project that enables you to see the Rainforests of the World in a whole new way. In addition to a new entry overlooking a new giant Amazon River otter exhibit, a tree-top path leads you through the canopy level of the pyramid where you can explore the exhibit from a new vantage point to see the monkeys, sloths and the other free-roaming tree dwellers closer than ever before. The canopy walkway also features a butterfly exhibit that immerses you among several beautiful species of butterflies.


The lower level of the exhibit puts you in the center of Asian, African and American rainforests, where you are joined by some new friends.

REGULAR HOURS: Moody Gardens is Open Daily: 10am – 6pm. Discovery Museum opens at noon.


Attractions Adult Child (4-12) Sr. (65+)
Aquarium $21.95 $17.95 $17.95
Rainforest $21.95 $17.95



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