The Cheers Program

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Carnival Cruise Line has a program for all passengers over the age of 21 who drink alcohol.  For a daily price of $49.99 plus tax you may drink up to 15 alcoholic beverages between the hours of 6:00 am – 6:00 am.  The beverages must be under $10 on the menu and do not include any beverages where you keep the glass.  If one person in your cabin purchases the Cheers Program anyone over the age of 21 in that cabin is required to purchase as well.  So if Keegan pays for the Cheers Program then Samantha will also have to pay for the Cheers Program since they will share a cabin.  The program must be purchased for all five days of the cruise and you may not pick and choose which days you want it.  There is a major downside to the Cheers Program while leaving from the port of Galveston: Texas law prohibits cruise lines to offer the Cheers Program while in U.S. waters.  That being said, on the 1st and 5th cruise day you will pay full price but will only have half the time to use it.  Also on port days, which we have two, you will be off the ship but still pay all day pricing.  (We only have one full day at sea) For approximately $260 per person 21 years or older in your cabin you can enjoy the Cheers Program for the five days.  I do not know the drinking habits of everyone over the age of 21 in our family so I cannot tell you if this is the right program for you or not.  As for Scott and I we are choosing not to participate.

*Kelsey & Allen since you are not 21 years old you are not allowed to drink alcohol on the ship.  In Progreso and Cozumel the legal age is 18 so you may drink in Mexico.  Samantha has offered to take care of anyone that over consumes 🙂


  1. I only plan on drinking 1 night on the ship. (sam) sounds like a rip off. thanks for letting us know Gina! I have heard that we are aloud to bring 1 bottle of alcohol. is that true?

    1. Yes each guest 21 years or older may bring one bottle of unopened wine or champagne 750 ml in size. This must be part of your carry on luggage so it can be inspected. No other alcohol is allowed to be brought on board and taken to your room. If you purchase alcohol while at a port they will “hold it” for you until after the cruise.

  2. I got the cheers program once if you dont drink frozen drinks and beer they give you a tiny glass for bloody marys and rum and cokes etc and so the under ten dollars is crap anything not frozen or isnt a beer is prolly 8 oz i ordered a bloody mary they brought it and then took my card and saw my cheers program they took my regular sized drink and brought me a small one total shit

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