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I thought I would start things out with a simple schedule.

January 10th – Kelsey goes to Temple

January 11th –  Everyone arrive in Houston

Head to Galveston

January 12th – Explore Galveston

January 13th – 10:30am head to port and board Triumph

January 14th – Fun day at Sea

January 15th – Progreso, Mexico

January 16th – Cozumel, Mexico

January 17th – Fun Day at Sea

January 18th – Arrive in Galveston and head to Houston for the night

January 19th – Everyone heads home

Of course as all of the airline tickets are purchased I will have a better idea of times for airport arrivals and departures.

I am currently looking at beach houses in Galveston for us to stay at on the 11th & 12th.  If the price is right we can live it up at the beach for two days before setting sail.

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